1 Thickness value for sobel filter

Hi, I have a question. Is there a way to make the sobel filter edges are the same thickness everywhere but still have the ability to adjust the threshold of how much details we want to get?

You could try doing two sobel passes (one negative, one positive)

By negative and positive, do you mean creating 2 sobel (default and inverted) then Add the default sobel (black background with white edge strokes) with the inverted (white background with black edge strokes)? Or do the default first, and then pack it with alpha, and sobel it again (but inverted??) ???

Tried both ways, also tried to use luminance patch or duo tone before and/or after sobel still not working.
Tried using your gaussian 5 before sobel to reduce the unnecessary artifact also doesn’t help.
Tried pack both the default and inverted as their own texture and using blend mode and flip it also doesn’t work. The closest I get is by using Difference blend mode, it’s thin and somewhat consistent except in busy part (idk whether it’s because there are so many edges there so it looks thicker or it detects a thicker edge). also the downside is that in parts where before blend mode have thicker line, they become a double stroke, like making an outline of the previous line.

also I’ve pinned the rectangle, and set screen size divided by scale to drive the input, but when i change simulation device, the edges also changed. idk if its a bug or not. it’s very noticeable when using resizable window, then stretch or shrink it.