2D Text Time Problem

Hi, everybody! I have a question and a problem.
I made a screen filter and it shows the local time on it.
But I forgot one detail.
Some countries (my country) use 24 hours, some use 12 hours. it was ridiculous for those who used 12-hour phrases like AM-PM. Is there a solution to this? Just like to be able to work on a 24-hour basis or only on a 12-hour basis… (I added this filter with 2D Text)photo_2021-10-10_11-58-06

I think it depends on the device.
But, maybe this might help to adjust it

just I selected Time (Short) but I guess this isn’t the solution

How did you set up the time display in the first place? If it’s via coding, couldn’t you put formatting conditions in the script directly?
Also potentially formatting the text input so the “AM” and “PM” appear after the time?
(only a basic script user, apologies if this is vague or already something you did)

You could do your own formatting in script, like this:

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 12.42.54 PM

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