2D Transform Patch X & Y Rotation

Hello Dear Friends

Is there any way that we can have access to rotate a texture in 2D transform Pack Patch in X and Y axis’?



May I ask what the use case is? I’m having a hard time understanding what this would be used for and so to figure out a possible hack. Is it to adjust texture fit in real time then?
Pretty sure it wouldn’t work but have you tried just connecting a vector2 patch in that rotation slot? See if it understands it

I was just so curious to know why is rotation only works with Z axis in this patch?!


I mean when we are working with 2D stuff, we shouldn’t have Z axis and have X & Y instead…
why can’t we do this with this patch?

There are a few ways you can do it, but it’s not really possible with the 2d transform pack.

  1. Use a skew UV. This is purely a 2d transformation.

  1. Use a scene render pass on a rotated plane object.