3D animation player "progress"

Hi, I’m having a difficulty to setup a mechanics to play the baked 3D animation using a " 0 to 1 progress" like in Spark.

I know we can play animation mixer using boolean or custom trigger, but that will only play the whole animation forward or reversed completely. What I’m trying to achieve is to play it dynamically using “0 to 1 progress” that comes from a distance check.

let’s say we have 3d Door with baked animation that open and close the door and we want to map the door “openness” in a range 0 to 1, driven by distance between upper lip and bottom lip, so when the mouth opens up a little, then the door also opens up a little, if mouth opens wider, then the door also opens up wider accordingly.

how to accomplish that? thank you

You should be able to plug the distance check into the animation player

Oh hehe I see this is a lens studio question. I’ll have to check on that…

I checked the docs and I don’t see any way to set the exact frame you want, but maybe you can get around it by creating a new AnimationMixerLayer for each frame. Then, in an update event, you can select the one you want to use and set the weight to 1. This is all speculation but I don’t see any other way to do it.

How complex is the baked animation? If it’s just the door opening I’d say to directly control the rotation of the bone or use a blendshape and drive that using your distance check.

it’s pretty complex rigged object. Multiple joints are changing rotation in sequential order. It would be super tedious to do manually, that’s why it should be baked. I really like how in Spark we can play the animation using progress and wonder if we could do the same in Lens Studio.