3D model and Plane size

Hello I faced a problem to make an effect, I hope you can help me
I have a 3D model that is placed on the ground and is exactly square
I need to place a plane exactly under the same 3D model, but the size of the plane and the 3D model must be exactly the same
How can you do this so that the size of the 3D model and the plane are the same?
For example, the 3D model with a scale of 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 is much larger than a plane with a scale of 2, 2, 2

Scale isn’t an absolute unit of measurement. It’s relative to the object itself, so you can have objects with the same scale, but different sizes.

You can use the bounding box patch to get the object’s actual size in world space. Then you can use that value to scale your plane.

Thank you so much :pray::pray::pray: