3D object from .MOV into Spark AR

I’m trying to figure out how to take a moving 3D animation from a .mov that has a green screen background. Then place it as a moving 3D object in Spark AR. As if it’s moving around in your room.
Is there a way to do this?

u can delete green screen in After Effects then bake animation and use it like sequence inside sparkar.
but if you need depth of 3d object you need to model it from your reference

Spark doesn’t accept any kind of video format, unfortunately. The next best thing is frame sequences, but I’m afraid they are way too big if you are trying to make a 360 scene from it.

FWIW lens studio does support video files, but even then I can only get about ten seconds of high quality 360 scenes.

If you want to take animation from human, then you can use service like Plask https://app.plask.ai/.
You just need to upload video file and then AI will extract animation from that video and you can reuse animation whereever you want. And this service is completely free.

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Wow, that is awesome! Have you used it before? It seems too good to be true :star_struck:

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Yes I tried it and in some cases I got really good result, it all depends on your input video.

If video is clearer, meaning, person is on one color background with good visibility and contrast, result is ok and usable.

Best of all that service is free and you need much less time and knowledge to do this in some cases, very complicated process od animating an character.

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