3D Object Opacity /w Normal Maps

So… I know how to control the Texture opacity via Mix patch. How about PBR materials using normal maps? I can figure out a way to control the normal map separately using a flat normal map texture, but is there a way to do all this at once? Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand the question, but you can set the alpha of the albedo texture in patches. You can also control the depth of the normal map by multiplying it by a value

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Wow, thank you! I now understand that my question is a bit weird. I was having issues using alpha with a Normal Map (without Albedo texture) and I thought it was not possible. The depth control would be really cool too, but I get this error with your patches?

Your function is probably the wrong type. Set it to vec2. I honestly don’t know why we have those other function types because I’ve only been able to use vec2.

While making this demo, I noticed that the normal map alpha isn’t used at all, so any alpha will have to be in the albedo

Changing it to vec2 will get rid of the error but the result is really interesting (the one on the right) :smiley:

Haha yeah it was just a random jumble of math so I could see something :slight_smile:

So is this just a joke or is it possible to make it work with these patches? :thinking:

It would be a terrible joke, lol. I didn’t have a normal map on hand so I slapped those patches together so I could see how the normal map would behave. You can just replace it with your normal map. No need to even reference it in patches

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