3D Object Scale

Hi, How I can reset the scale of a 3D object everytime i switch the camera, for a example if i scale a 3D object in the front cam X4, when i switch to the back camera i want it always to be in the initial scale X1 and not X4

Here’s a script for you

//@input SceneObject obj
/** @type {SceneObject} */
var obj = script.obj

script.createEvent('CameraBackEvent').bind(function(eventData) {
  obj.getTransform().setLocalScale(new vec3(1, 1, 1))

script.createEvent('CameraFrontEvent').bind(function(eventData) {
  obj.getTransform().setLocalScale(new vec3(4, 4, 4))

Thank You, I did it with a behaviour Script but this script is also working.