3D objects + Picker UI + Gallery Texture(add media)

Hi guys! I would like to know if you could help me with a VERY specific question related to creating filters, which is the following:

I have a problem in Spark where I would like to work with 3D object + add media + picker UI.

The idea is to be able to add media and control the media zoom in the third button of the Picker ui, but without this zoom causing any interference in the other buttons (sort of isolating its action).

I’ve already managed to configure all the media addition part, I isolated each element in its respective button, but when I zoom in, the zoom is applied to all buttons. Exactly like this: [Instagram]

As a “solution” I removed the option to zoom in the rectangle where the media addition is applied, but then I can’t configure the added media’s zoom anymore.

I just used a project provided here by Josh, to avoid deforming the gallery images, but now I can’t scale the texture independently. Could someone help me?

I think you could use two separate pinch patches and enable them based on what is “selected”. I would flip a switch when the media is added, then flip it back when the picker ui index changes. If that doesn’t work, you could have the user tap on the 3d object to select it and enable scaling it that way.

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Thanks for your response, Josh.

I didn’t particularly understand everything you said, but I just turned each object “equal exactly” on “screen pinch enable” of each object separately.

Afterwards, I turned on the visible of each texture directly in Equals Exactly, but I left the third button without