3D Particle system

Hi creators, for several weeks I have been trying to create a 3D particle system but the animation on effect house doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

In the link you will find the .blend , .obj file and the effect house project. link file: Smash

I followed the Magical Celery tutorial How to use particle systems in effect house | Magical Effect House Tutorials - YouTube and used the latest script animation - Convert particle system to animated meshes - Blender Stack Exchange

The download link is expired, but my first guess is that you should be using FBX and not OBJ. OBJ is a pretty old format, so it doesn’t support a lot of features (and I’m guessing that particle systems are not supported)

After reading some more about the process, I see it’s not possible to directly export the particle systems from blender. Is the animation baking script working for you? Does it generate individual meshes with animations?