8th Wall use from an app in the app store?

Does anyone know if there are apps in the Apple app store that use 8th Wall in a WkWebView or other embedded in-app browser? Would love to look at an example. Any potential issues with Apple approving an app that asks for accelerometer and camera data in order to implement AR outside of their own SDKs?

I think WebRTC is supported in iOS webview since v14. Beyond that, I think you just need to get gyro data into the webview.

FWIW, it will probably be more performant to use the lightship SDK instead of 8th wall in a webview.

Am I correct that Lightship is for apps only and not WebAR? We are looking for a solution that will work in browsers on mobile phones (namely Chrome on Android and Safari/Chrome on iOS) in addition to working from an in-app browser (WkWebView) from an iOS app.

Oh, interesting use-case! Yeah, Lightship is only for native dev. Is there some reason you can’t send the user to the web for the AR experience? Why does it need to be embedded into the app?

I haven’t done any ios dev, but I bet you could set up a quick test that uses one of the 8th wall templates.

For users that are already in our app, we can use javascript to interact with the app and the in-app browser for a more seamless experience, context, knowing who they are, etc.

From what I can gather, it shouldn’t be a problem to run the experience inside a WkWebView if we have the right permissions and call backs in the app and controllers but we are still testing.

Open to other solutions too – if only AR.js could anchor to a plane in world space …

I haven’t tried it yet, but this lib could work. I think you would use webxr where it’s available and fall back to this:

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