A category for posting inspiration

There are so many sources of inspiration that can lead to great AR filters: makeup, portrait photography, creative code, fashion design, VFX… the list goes on. It would be nice to have a category to share those works that make us go :star_struck:


We’ve had a lot of discussion about categories, internally. Generally I’d like to keep the categories to a minimum, and use tags to drive the organization of the site.

Here’s a good writeup on tags vs categories from an expert on Discourse. I agree with their perspective, but also they have been doing this for much longer than I have, so I trust the advice.

Another good one about categorization:

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Hey Josh, thanks for the references! I liked that bit from the Discourse blog:

It’s certainly a good idea to start with a few key categories when you launch, but don’t overdo it. Instead of adding yet another category, ask yourself if a tag would, perhaps, be a better and more flexible starting point? If a tag gets extremely popular you can easily graduate it to a full blown category later — and the natural popularity of user-entered tags might help you decide what categories you need and don’t need.

That makes a lot of sense :slight_smile:

yes i completely agree. I prefer tags that drive the organization. It also easier to understand. I also created some tags and moved some post to the suitable tags. maybe when there are more posts or questions in certain topics then we should consider making another sub-tags. like maybe for now there is only 3D tag for 3d related post, but if more 3d stuffs comes, there could be “3D-Modelling” or “3D-Sculpting” or “3D-Physics” or “3D-Animation”. things like hat.

But honestly i like the idea. maybe not as category but as a feature in each profile’s page.
Like in here: image
or here:

so like each profiles own influence or idea gallery. so people can also find other creator who maybe have the same interest or style. and learn from others who have completely opposite preference to try to look from another eye.
but also, i’m afraid we’re going to running out of storage really fast if every persons uploads 10gigs of images or videos lol. maybe as alternative we could like embed links from pinterest or something so other sites host the files, here we just like stream it or something. idk. i’m not familiar with web dev stuffs lol. Thanks for the suggestion @sableraph :smiley:

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This actually sounds like something that would be more in line with the Collective. Not that I’m against users sharing inspo here - quite the opposite! But if they want to have some kind of inspiration board on their collective profile, that could be cool too. I’m a little out of the loop on the Collective, but @Daria_B what do you think?

Anyway, there is already a way to sort by user and tag in the search page so our power-users like you @Adi_Satrio could leverage that. e.g. https://lab.popul-ar.com/search?expanded=true&q=tags%3Ainspiration%20%40josh_beckwith

I’m guessing we’d need to write a discourse plugin if we wanted to add this link to the user profile.

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Ah right! I forgot about Collective. I’ve also tried to join the beta, but somehow this always happens when i open the mothership site:

about the sort feature, I love it!

ahh like wordpress plugin but specific for discourse? if it’s too complicated then i think it could wait until Collective is online. then maybe, just maybe… there is a way to connect stuffs from collective to here. so the profile are integrated nicely. that would be awesome! :heart_eyes_cat:

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