A Smooth Snake Animation in SparkAR

Hi Everyone!
I am trying to get this snake animation into Spark AR:

The video is a rendered version made in Blender. The snake follows along a curve in blender, making it look really natural and smooth.
I know that curve animations do not work in Spark so I (with some help of a friendly guy in the Blender forum) rigged and animate the snake with key frames but the outcome is just not looking good. It looks unnatural and the file got relatively big as well so I felt like this is not the best way to approach this.

Now, has anyone ever tried to get this kind of smooth, almost flowing animation work inside spark? I would appreciate any ideas or tips on how to approach this best! :smiley:



Iā€™m not super familiar with how Blender and Spark interoperate, but I can take a swing at it! Maybe you can post the file so I (and others) can try solving it? If not the original file, a simple test case would help get us started.

(Iā€™m not sure if the forum supports large 3d file uploads, but a public drive link would work)


Yes of course! @josh_beckwith
Here is the .blend file with the very neat looking curve animation:


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