About the Workshop

The workshop is a place where you can post your work and have it reviewed by the community. Critiques are great for gaining perspective on your work - conceptual, technical, or otherwise. It’s a good practice for beginners and experts alike.


If you’ve never been involved in a formal critique, don’t worry! The process is simple, and there are only a few guidelines to follow.

For reviewers:

  • Be constructive. If your comment won’t help improve the work, then leave it out. The goal of a critique is not to praise the artist. If there’s something that is done well, you can talk about it from a conceptual or technical perspective, and explain WHY it works. We are trying to go beyond what you see in most comment threads on the internet - things like “Wow so cool,” or “:fire::fire::fire:,” etc.
  • Similarly, avoid sarcasm and ad-hominem attacks. Personal attacks will earn you the ban-hammer :slight_smile:
  • Keep a positive tone. You might be talking about parts of the work that “suck,” but you can phrase your responses in a positive way. E.g. “You can improve…”

For creators:

  • Be detailed in your project description and try to give the reviewers the full context of the work. This will help the reviewers give more effective feedback.
  • Critiques can hurt. You probably poured hours or days or weeks into this project, only to have it “trashed” in review. Don’t take it personally. Keep the mindset that the review is about how you can improve and that will help you be receptive to the feedback.

Meta: as always, this is a community effort so feedback is welcome. Please critique the category for critiques :slight_smile: