Adapt scale according to tracker size

Hello again!
I’m working on a project for a client built around a target tracker. So far so good, but today I was told that the tracker will be in multiple sizes. One is quite small (8.5" x 11") and the other is a lot bigger (60" x 90")
The tracker is the same image.
Is there a way to have the scale adapt according to the tracker size?
Or should I have two trackers - one for each size?

(I built my patch around the 3D poster template if that’s of any help - I can’t share my patch unfortunately)

Thank you for your help!

You need to use two trackers for each and then adapt your scene for each too


Gotcha, thats what I was leaning towards. Thanks Jorik!

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Actually, to anyone needing to do this too :
You don’t even have to do anything haha. I managed to test it out with a large version of my tracker and the small version. And it scaled automatically according to the tracker size. The proportions were kept the same as in the Spark AR editor.

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Great findings @felix_wpj !
I personally haven’t play around with target tracker enough so I can’t really provide any feedback regarding this topic, so thank you for sharing!

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