Add Gallery Texture to Native UI picker

Hello !
I’ve been struggling to add a “Gallery Texture” to a Native UI picker with other texture. Every time, it works with the png texture but when I go over “add a media” the picture from the gallery wont appear and I’m left with a white background.

I’ve seen that its possible, but I feel like I’m missing something. If someone knows the solution, it would be really cool !

Thx :slight_smile:

Can you post some screenshots? It’s hard to say what’s wrong without seeing it

The point of the filter is to replace the hand with an image using segmentation.
When I apply a texture it works, but then when want to add a image from my gallery with gallery texture a white image appear.

And that’s my patch editor. I’ve tried every possibilities , but i feel like I’m missing something

Ah, so the problem is that the “add media” result is not the fifth option of the UI picker. To use the gallery texture, you need to drag it in to the patch graph, from the address panel. You won’t be able to use it directly in the UI picker though. You will need to pass the selected index of the ui picker into an option picker that has the same first 4 textures selected, and the gallery texture piped in.

You’ll need to add another icon in the picker to represent the gallery texture

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Brilliant ! I’ve been struggling over a month to find the solution and it finally works ! Thank you !!

However, now, I’m facing a problem where the gallery texture works with any image for 10 sec then it kicks back to back to checkerboard background and the image diseappear. However this problem has nothing to do with UI/Option picker. Do you know if I need to check a certain options or anything ?

But anyway, thanks a lot for your help so far!

That sounds like a bug. Best report it to the spark team by going to help > report a problem