Adding a face mesh into Camera Texture (2nd)

Hey guys, so I made a filter with segmentation and background of the segmentation is a rotated camera texture. Is there a way to add facemesh / smooth effect into the camera texture (background) which is rotated :))

You would need to use render passes. The functionality for doing renderpass retouching is coming soon, but for now you could buy this project from @enuriru


Hi @Xhensila , I moved this topic to Spark AR Question and tag it with relevant tags. You can mark the answer as solution if it solved your problem. :beers:

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how do you apply the render pass so that it can apply to the background (camera texture)? I bought the render pass from the link advised but would you link it to the material for the background? Or does the render pass allow the retouching to apply to each “rectangle” - been trying to look for clarification on this for hours

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If you do RP custom retouch you have to use Face Extraction patch and connect camera texture to it. I guess u can ask help from author or you can use this one I usually use Spark AR "RP Retouch" 1.3 (v101+) / 1.4 experemential (v109)
It’s work well for me and have instructions.