Adding animation to random generator

Hello everyone,
I am looking at making a filter with a random generator that leads to different animations when a different result is generated. I have made each part separately but I can’t quite work out how I would trigger the animation once the randomiser has made it’s result. This is my current set up. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

I think I’d need to see a running example. I’m not sure I understand why there are two randomizers here. Where are you determining the duration of the randomization? I think you would take a pulse from there and use it to play your animation

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mmh, same as Josh, just looking at the Patch Editor it’s hard to guess properly what’s going on.
You could likely get away with a simpler setup though.

Basically you just want to tie the result of the generator to one of several animations right?
In essence you just need one randomizer. Given that it doesn’t have a useable output for this use case, it’s best to use the output from your delay, to trigger the animation set by the first output of the loop animation. You can use this same output from the loop animation to toggle the visibility of animation X (where X is the number randomly generated)

EDIT: What kind of animations are we talking about actually? I assumed texture sequences but realize you could mean 3d

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