Adding licenses for your own projects

Hello everybody. I am interested in how we can add licenses to our materials (patches, projects, etc.)
I am showing the screenshot as an example.

Someone made a tool for doing this and they are selling it for $50, but really I think you can do it pretty simply:

  • change the extension from arproj to zip
  • unzip the files
  • find and edit or add to the licenses
  • zip the files
  • change extension back to arproj

Oh I didn’t know we can do that! I always confused that my project has tons of license list from stuffs that I already removed from the asset. I thought by removing the assets can automatically update the license since I often try downloading stuffs from the library just to test them out or to learn and then delete them later on. For example the environment textures. the license menu says it’s there while in reality I already remove it from the project assets and folder. Thanks for sharing that, Josh!

I’m sort of just guessing at how it’s done, but I’m pretty sure it’s something along those lines :slight_smile:

I have actually mentioned this licensing/distribution issue to the spark devs a couple of times, so hopefully they are thinking about it. It would be nice to have a way to distribute our custom patches directly in spark, similar to the unity store. That way the appropriate licenses could be attached to the patch assets.