Adjust/Add Instructions to World Tracking

Hi! I’m creating a world tracking filter with patches.

Right now, the effect goes like this:

  1. The user opens the screen and is prompted to scan the floor.

  2. Once the object being tracked is visible, the user uploads media. However, when uploading media, it restarts the effect causing the user to need to scan the floor again.

I want it to go like this:

  1. When the user opens the effect, the “Add Media” button appears on its own.
  2. Once the user has added media, the tracking instructions prompting the user to scan the ground appear on screen.
    In other words, I want the tracking instructions to WAIT until media has been uploaded to trigger.

Just wondering how this can be done. Assuming it would be easiest with scripting? Or should it be inputed before the trackingvizRoot Scene Render Pass?

Here is a preview of the effect.

I can add photos of the patch editor or send the effect file if that helps, too! Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I don’t have time to create a full example, but here is a demo of how to use gallery texture in script so you can detect when the media is loaded. You can use the state to control when you show the instructions in patches.