Antialiasing for planetracker world objects

Is it possible to apply antialiasing to objects placed in the world on planetracker?
I thought renderpasses can help with this somehow maybe?

Ah! This is a super good idea! I’ve done some antialiasing on SDFs before. I’ll try to work on something for scene-based AA but it might be a while. If you want to take a crack at it, this article does a good job at explaining the basic idea. I think there are multiple approaches, though.


By the way what is the purpose of sizing option? (screen, camera, background)
What does it mean? and where is size of camera or background taken?

I’ve never had a need to change the sizing mode. The docs are a little vague, but the default is relative to screen size, meaning (1, 1) is 100% of screen size.

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@Nikita_Bukoros Looks like cranking up the render pass size does the trick.

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