Any update on changing skin tone?

So, since are gone several months, is there any new solution to change skin tone preserving clothes and eyes/mouth/hair?
I saw Josh’s tutorial on segmentation but it affects also clothes (obv) and there is no way to do this yet, I suppose. Is this right?

Photoshop has a skin tone selection tool. You could try using that on a neutral lut and delete all of the other colors in the lut. Then the lut patch output would be like a mask for skin tones.


Hi Josj, thank you for the reply! I very aprpeciate it. What do you mean with “lut patch output would be like a mask for skin tones”?

If you delete everything except skin tones, that means only skin will have alpha. You can apply any color adjustment to the lut output and it will only affect skin tones

Oh, nice. So between lut patch output and material input I can adjust the colors

Exactly! LMK how it goes. I’m interested to see the results :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely try! Thank you so much Josh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: