Anyone have tried the Lightship?

So, there is new kid on the block which is not really a new kid called lightship from niantic. have you guys tried it? is it good? can someone share your experience or opinion about it?

Totally worth it, on top of their crazy capabilities, they have great community support and provide templates for you to kickoff without the hustle of developing a native app on your own

I don’t think we are connected but they even sat up a forum based on the same tech the Lab is :slight_smile:

Here are a bunch of resources to get you started on Niantic Lightship ARDK:

Intro to Niantic Lightship

Intro to Meshing in Niantic Lightship

Getting started with shared experience in Niantic Lightship

Niantic Lightship Virtual Studio

Niantic discord here

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I’m surprised at their pricing. I’m sure it will change, but for now it’s totally free!

I hope they’ll release the ARDK for Unreal Engine. Currently it’s only for Unity.

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I’ve played around with it and also studied the docs. The tech is very impressive, but it does feel like software that’s still in open beta. Mainly because there are things that don’t consistently work as advertised in the docs/videos. I imagine that’s why it’s free for the time being so that they can onboard as many people as possible to get feedback and iron out the kinks.

I’d also like to see Lightship for Unreal, but the ARDK currently feels like it’s so heavily tied to the Unity workflow that I don’t see it happening anytime soon