Apply Spark AR effect on existing media

It hasn’t been communicated much and it’s a shame. Because applying Instagram filters on existing media open so many creative doors!

It’s pretty quick win as it’s only a couple of clicks on Spark AR studio and boom your effect will let content creators to use your effect on their camera roll pictures or videos!

Full process:

  1. Open your project on Spark AR studio
  2. Click « Edit properties »
  3. Select « Camera and existing media
  4. Don’t forget to click on « Done » or the update won’t be saved 🥲

Et voilà!

Source: Spark AR documentation itself!

I love doing this too, but sadly if you use things like UI picker or other features you can’t use the existing media function :frowning:
I made a montage that I ended up needing to film on my screen to be able to share the way I wanted

Like here: