Audio issues with SparkAR

I wanted add a music to my effect so i watched a tutorial on adding audio by @josh_beckwith and i did as he said. but my audio doesnt play at all, i created a new empty project and just i did the same procedure to add audio and it worked, why was it not working with the main project file?

Without seeing how you implemented it in the main project file it’s hard to say. Are you sure you properly set it up in your main file? Every piece has to be there or it won’t play :

P.S: if you mean that the sound wasn’t coming out when pushed to device, try disabling the microphone, as SparkAR won’t playback sound if the microphone is active (to avoid a sound loop)

yeah i even tried disabling the mic. it does not work either

weird… You must have something that’s affecting it in your main file. Have you tried with the simple pulse patch as shown above or did you already tie it to a pre-existing pulse from your setup? Worth trying the very basic version as is. If it doesn’t work there’s either a bug or your file contains smthing that’s breaking it.

yeah i tried the simple pulse patch…

It could be that your audio file isn’t encoded correctly. Did you encoded mono m4a etc?

yeah i encoded a mp3 to m4a format, but still not working man

honestly send this one as well lol, there might be something in the project file that’s causing this, and it’s close to impossible to guess based on the information we have so far :stuck_out_tongue:

actually the file is sent you before had these two problems…you corrected it both

no wait the sound I didn’t correct. I didn’t check that my setup looped properly. Wait 5min, gonna make sure it works and send a final version

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ok done, the audio plays and loops properly normally, just sent the new version :slight_smile:

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