Barrel Patch

Is there a way to remove the small rectangle that appears in the barrel patch on device when the strength is less than 1? Thanks!

Where did you get the patch? Couldn’t find it within SparkAR. I would encourage you to post a screenshot of the issue so we can better understand the setup and corresponding bug

It was a patch I made a looong time ago, but it had an issue with precision on device.

Coincidentally, I created a barrel/pincushion patch yesterday that doesn’t have the precision issue. It will be part of our UV utils collection which will be for sale really soon, pinky promise :slight_smile:

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Amazing!! Can’t wait, where will you post when it’s for sale?

It will be on our Sugar site which is set to launch reallllly soon

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Hi Josh!

I see the Sugar site is in beta, how can I get access to purchase the updated barrel patch?