Best way to create exclusive Ar

Hey guys, hope you all doing great.
What is the best tool to create ar content to apply it on some bigger screen so it can work like mirror?
Spark ar and lens studio are great but the problem is the software that we should run the ar content created with them has to be the spark player or snapchat.
We were thinking about arfoundation and unity so we can customize how the software look and even the icon.
Do you guys know better way?
And by the way, the case is virtual makeup try-on
Thanks for you help♥

maybe this one?

So this is like spark ar player but for lens studio right?

It’s a Snapchat lenses via webcam or any other output.

Just keep in mind that Snap Camera works best horizontal. Most lens features will work rotated if you turn the screen vertical, but Snap Camera itself will still be running as if the video feed were horizontal.

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