(blender) Bones on plane

Hi all,
I need tutorial adding bones on plane object so i can add 2d images and move them smoothly.

Do you have some examples of what you’re trying to do?

Not sure what your use case is but rigging any 3D object is the same, be it a plane or a full human, here’s a tutorial to do it on Blender :

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i was thinking if i can curve this thing like paper and apply physics to it and move like bushes

I think first you’d need a hires plane with many division, 2nd, I think it would look better, lower size, and probably perform better if you use vertex displacement to animate something in a static position like bushes. if you don need it to look 3d or react with lighting, you can just use rectangle, bush texture, and use texture distortion then loop animate it so it look like moving because of wind or something behind the bushes.

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