Blendshapes imported but non-functional

I have a 3D object with both a skeletal animation and blendshapes. The blendshapes themselves are not animated in the file I exported, but I am wanting to animate them using the patch editor. I have used this same exact model in both Effect House and Lens Studio and was able to animate the blendshapes, but Meta Spark doesn’t seem to do anything with them.

I can see the blendshapes on my model in Spark, but they came through in triplicate and nothing happens when I adjust the sliders. I’ve tried moving them separately and all together, and nothing. I have done some looking and it seems blendshapes don’t work with render passes, but I am not using those in this filter.


Are there any tricks to getting these to work? I am on v153.

What file format are you using to import them? Generally I recommend gltf for spark because it converts it during import, so if there are any issues with the conversion step, you can avoid it by using gltf directly.

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I imported fbx. I’ll give gltf a try.