Block "Elements" Spark AR

Hi guys! Could someone help me, I have created a filter with two options and I want the smoke to be deactivated when pressing the screen, the smoke is from the “elements” template.

I have already tried changing layers and I have also tried to connect the “active” “visible” options to the screentap but the option that I need without the smoke begins to look bad, when I touch it it changes but the water when it is deactivated makes the 3D model that I have placed look very bad and wanting to delete the fire and air options breaks the whole effect, if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

It looks like a bug that is breaking that block input. I recommend reporting it to the spark team since their example project doesn’t show that unless you disconnect the input.

The workaround is to just plug in a boolean value, like this:

Basically, you need to connect something to it. It can’t be left unconnected.

I have tried what you have told me but it still looks bad when I touch the screen, I want it to be deactivated and it looks good but it is still the same. When you have tried it, when adding a 3D model, the same thing did not happen to you as it did to me?

OK I understand the problem a bit more now. The elements template is broken somehow, but you can take the elements block and put it into a new project. I did a quick test and it works.

spark-elements-test.arprojpkg (558.0 KB)

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Thank you so much!!! I made a few adjustments and it worked as expected.

Glad to hear it! Good luck with the rest of the project!