Can i use 2 ui picker in spark ar?

Hi, I’m wondering did I can use 2 UI pickers like on lens studio for Snapchat? this for some example

if spark ar can do that? how can I use it for my filter? is there any tutorial/examples for using 2 UI pickers for spark AR or is there any solution if I want to change color for every object 3D in the UI picker? let’s say I had 3 pickers with 8 colors, how can I change every color in every picker I choose

many thanks!

I don’t think there’s any way to have 2 pickers at the same time :smiling_face_with_tear:, but in scripting you can reconfigure the picker with new textures to make a “new picker”. So you could have multiple pickers one after the other and then let the user confirm their choice by tapping

In script you’d have to keep track of which “picker” you’re currently using so that you assign the value of the selectedIndex signal to the right thing.


so it’s not possible if use like on the picture I attach? I’m still confused, so if my user picks an example bag and then chooses the color of the bag after that, did I can choose/use that?

The way it would have to work is like in these filters here


for the love of God, thank you so much, got some inspiration from it!