Can we connect a "Next" event (the green connections) to more than one node?

Another hurdle on the road. I can’t seem to connect the Next events to more than one node… In the example below I’d very much like to connect my “Counter” node to more than one “Set Visibility” nodes, however can’t. I’m not finding a work around but surely one exists.
Else I’ll have to create the whole scene tap > counter > equals > set visibility for each individual item in my scene. That seems strikingly counter-productive

I don’t understand why you can’t pipe the event outputs into multiple destinations, but you can always duplicate the event node

Also, counter doesn’t have a built in looping feature, but you can add a modulo and just set the max value really high.

Turns out you can also chain the Set Visibility to each other and the “Next” event is properly read by all.

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