Can't see my facemesh combined with grayscale effect

Hello Everyone! After evenings of trial and error and pulling every single hair out of my head I decided to sign up for this community, hoping you guys can help me out. :smile:

First of all, I am new to Spark AR. But for a client I have to build a specific filter where the image starts to vibrate, the mouth gets bigger and the sound of a lion can be heard when the mouth is opened. All this in black and white.

The problem is that only see the black and white screen shaking with the sound.
But I can’t see the mouth morph??

Can anybody please help me out? It’s probably a simple solution but I just can’t seem to figure it out.
Thanks in advance!

I did not understand your question exactly, but if you mean why the big picture of the mouth is not visible after applying lut and black and white, it is because you have applied the lut file on the image obtained from the camera in your project. cameratexture is the real image of the camera, not the changes you have made virtually to the face You need to change the block file so that both the image is black and white and the changes on the face, such as enlarging the mouth, are visible together. Use the one you enlarged the mouth with and the same lut inside it, and use the facemeshmask file in the alpha option to make it look more natural, otherwise a clear line will be seen around the face and background. There is a video file that fully explains this issue to you, good luck


Yes, that did the trick! Thank your very much!
Only problem I am facing right now is that I can’t test it on my advise.
I get an error ‘There was a problem connecting to your device: 10’
Do you know what that means or how it can be solved?

This problem must be checked step by step to get the result

First you need to install spark ar player on your phone and give the necessary permissions to the software, such as permission to access the phone camera and access to files
Then you need to turn on developer mode and usb debugging in your phone settings

Then, if you connect the cable to your computer, the send option should appear in front of your phone name when testing

Otherwise, there may be problems such as cable failure. Be sure to test with another cable and try with other usb ports.

You can also update the usb driver from advanced device manager and restart it

If you are using a usb hub, disconnect it and connect the cable directly to the computer’s usb port

If there is still a problem, there may be a problem with the operating system

Like interfering with other software

Generally I recommend using render passes to apply post-processing effects - otherwise you will run into a lot of layering order problems with the canvas and 3d elements.

Use a scene render pass, then apply the black and white effect to the output, and plug that in to the device output.


Hmm, that’s also a way to do it. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!
Glad it works for now :sweat_smile:
I still need a lot to learn I noticed.

Thank you for the response again. The problem was that before I could immediately send to my Instagram for testing. Now is was not visible anymore. But I am using the Spark AR player now :+1:

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