Canvas "safe touch area" not working

I am working on a project with a lot of 2d graphics and I need to ensure they aren’t obscured by the IG app UI. I thought this was the purpose of the canvas’ “safe touch area” sizing option, but in practice it only shows a small bar of unsafe space at the bottom of the screen.

The simulator shows a thin bar at the top and bottom:

On device, I only get a thin bar at the bottom:

If you all can help me test this, I’d appreciate it! I will submit all of the screenshots in a bug report and hopefully we can get this feature fixed.

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro

Samsung J7 Pro

Xiao Mi 11
Android version 12 SKQ1,211006.001

Amazing, thanks everyone! I think this is plenty to prove my case to the Spark team.


its pretty simple in Lens Studio :smiley:

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Samsung Galaxy S22


OK, so I think technically this thing is working as intended, but it’s only really useful if the user is actively recording. I made a feature request for a new canvas sizing mode that will tell us where the IG UI exists in the preview mode so we can avoid overlapping our graphics.