Colourful Background Segmentation + 3D Object in Spark?

Hello everyone!
I would like to create filter with a colourful background + a 3D object attached to the face.
I tried to figure this out but I could either see the background or the 3D object but both together did not work.
Here is a example image of how it should look like (this is just photoshop)

Maybe with the new updated version of spark this could be achieved?
Thank you

i don’t really like segmentation for its buggy aspect in the current state. I’d definitely link a 360 background positioned in z in relation with the facemesh position

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I will already go hunt some great 360C background images! Always useful!

I just added a face mesh to the background template project and it seems to work as expected. Maybe you’ll have luck if you use that as a starting point. I’m guessing you had some weird render layer order problems or something when you tried before.

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