Combining Render Passes

Hi! I am having an issue with combining render passes into a single screen output in Spark AR. I cannot figure out how to combine two render passes without affecting their blend modes. I want to overlay one render pass (containing face mesh effects) over another render pass (containing segmentation effects). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

I’m not sure what you mean about the blend modes (screenshots would help), but I can try to give some advice.

Make sure the background color of your face extraction and scene render passes are set to zero alpha and there’s no background input. You can that the transparency is working correctly by temporarily changing the background color of the face render pass and sending it directly to the screen output. You should see your color fill the background. Setting the color back to zero alpha should leave you with a middle gray color.

You should be able to use a blend patch set to “normal” to blend the two together, as long as the transparency of the top layer is correct.

rp-layers.arprojpkg (13.2 KB)

This is exactly what I needed – Adding transparency to the render passes fixed it. Thank you so much!!