Convert ShaderToy to SparkSL (effect paint)

I’ve been trying to adapt this shader to spark sl but still can’t, can someone help me?
I am a novice in the world of shaders and I would like to learn, if you know of any guide to learn how to convert it would be of great help, I have guided myself with github but I still cannot achieve it.
Thank you very much!

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I’m unfortunately not very knowledgeable on the subject either however a fantastic resource for it is the Book of Shaders, which you can find here :

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If you want to learn, you should start with something much simpler than that :slight_smile:

Also, it’s running at 5fps on my macbook pro, so chances are that it won’t work at all on Spark.

Are you familiar with render passes and delay frames in Spark? That is a good thing to learn before you start the process of converting from shader toy. A lot of the shaders there use buffers, which are equivalent to render passes (and sometimes delay frames).

Also, here’s a tutorial that should help build up your shader conversion skills:

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