Converting GLB to OBJ deformation

My apologies for reposting this. Can someone help me to convert my GLB deformation to OBJ that can be used in Spark AR.

I have tried everything.
Online websites, Blender but somehow issues are occurring in the softwares or just nothing changes about the deformation when added in Spark AR.

If someone can help to convert it so I can further change it (the deformation) please send me the email so I can send the GLB and maybe let me know what the issue was so I can be able to fix it myself next time! Please help me since this is for my upcoming project, and it would mean the absolute most! :white_heart:

Did you try importing as gltf? Or are you importing as obj? If you can share the file, we can play around with it to see what the problem is.

In general, you shouldn’t need to convert it to obj to edit it in blender. You can export as obj once you’ve made the changes.

Yeah I have tried to convert it to GLTF too! It didn’t work. Can I please send it to you via email?

Please let me know and thank you for your reply! @josh_beckwith

Yeah for sure,