Creating an inspiration board focused on AR Content

hello folks! I’m new here, can I get some opinions on whether you all think it’s useful to have a community space (social media-like) where AR projects are shared with one another and the whole experience is made in such a way so that businesses can understand more about what we do?

Anything that is on your mind, pls share!

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I feel like has done a pretty good job at it. They have creator showcases, contests, newsletters, services, etc. They are good at presenting the content and hyping it up. It’s not exactly social media but I think that’s by design.

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Agreed with Josh!

We’ve been thinking about doing our own solution where creators would have the total control of their profile which would be a differentiator from Lenslist approach but it didn’t got enough traction for us to move forward with the project. Even tho the platform has been built, there’s a big content job that has to be done and I just didn’t find that investment relevant considering the traction we got.

Ps: if you’re interested in doing something similar, I’m happy to open the platform since it’s built already

-better seeing it live thanks to somebody than sleeping and be no use for anybody