Crushee, an image squisher

This is an amazing piece of software, if you ever need to gain that extra space on image size. It is and amazing algorithm really on most images you won’t ever see the difference. I’ve crushed an 1.8MB PNG images down to 187kb with no perceivable difference. Was a game-changer for me, always craving for small size effects.


Ahhh yeah! I usually use for this but it has some limitations.

I see Crushee has max size options which is incredibly convenient. You can set the limit to 1024 for spark since that’s the max texture size.

Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely try this one out. Just recently, I compared Photoshop’s Save for Web (30+50% Quality) with tinyjpg for different JPG sizes, and have found tinyjpg to be somewhat random. Source were square JPG ranging from 50px width to 2000px.

30% Quality on PS has a tendency to be of lower file size and and less artefacts, but brighter color noise than tinyjpg, which blurred out a lot of detail. Tinyjpg felt also a bit random with file sizes, with a 70px square being bigger than a 80px for example.


If you guys are ever in a real jam with gigantic animation sequences, you can compress with a target file size so you can squeeze as much quality in as possible. It’s done with mogrify, which is a batch process command line tool, built on top of imagemagick.


Yes, totally random. On Crushee, the best feature is the before/after so we can crush files and see the differences so we can handly choose our level of destruction.


hummm amazing. I wasnt aware of imagemagick. I always used Fast Stone Photo Resizer (another amazing free tool) to make batch processing and then crushee for the filesize. Gonna take a look on imagemagick.

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