Custom patch input options

I’m hoping to upload a few simple patches I’ve made that might be useful, I just want to make them more friendly.

If I’m in the Edit Properties of one of these patches I can pick an input type (number, colour, vector etc.) but ideally I’d like to give more options for the user without them having to edit properties.

On regular patches from Spark Ar like a transition patch, you can click the cog and change the type.

Any ideas/thoughts?


mmmh, fiddling around with it a bit I don’t see the option I gotta say. For now I think you’d have to create separate patch assets accounting for each use case :x

@josh_beckwith Any ideas on this actually?

Unfortunately I don’t think we can’t create a drop down option or the cog wheel action or something like that to change data type for custom patch asset input. :frowning:
For now, as far as I know (and I don’t know a lot of stuffs) you only have these options if you really want to:

  1. create separate patch assets for each data type you want.
    (downside: many patch asset, you’ll need to import 1 by 1 every time unless you create a “template” where your frequently used patches are ready to go)
  2. just like number 1, but this time you compile them into 1 patch asset “package” that you’re going need to ungroup it.
  3. just like number 2, but this time you create dedicated input for each data type.
    (downside: too many unnecessary slot and background processing and some processing like logic and 3d transform would throw out an error if the inputs don’t match or using shader generic signal. of course you can pipe them to use another slot, but again, then many more unnecessary slot and background processing. I don’t even know if spark automatically not calculate something like a passive patches pipeline or something after it only throws out zero or false/off boolean down the line. My guess is that its probably still doing something in the background unless the cables are disconnected.
  4. if it’s not about data type you could probably try something like this:
    (it’s not recommended to keep it like this all the way to the end when you export for publishing it, but it’s pretty handy if you just want to keep your creative flow going)

    *it’s based on a compilation of blend modes by @josh_beckwith
    Or something like this:

    *It’s so unnecessary, but still it’s pretty handy tbh. (i’m just too lazy to do something too repetitive. lol)

I hope they could somehow implement this feature, I want it so bad just like I want an input node for delay duration and exponential smoothing damping. lol


Thanks @Boris and @Adi_Satrio

I might give it a try with boolean inputs but as discussed it’s probably not efficient for processing.

It’s a simple patch on it’s own. I’ll have a play around with your suggestions, if not I’ll upload it with instructions to change.

Tbh, I’ll be sharing it with this community on here who I’m sure will know how to adjust it.


haha curious to get my hands on it, might also try to tackle the problem, it got me interested now ^^

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No problem, man.
Someone from Spark AR team that I forgot the name also said that they’re currently working on the patches stuff, and some stuffs would be rolled out one by one. He doesn’t promise anything major tho, but from what I get is that it’s definitely some quality of life improvement just like the recent update.Who knows, maybe in the near future this patch group and patch asset stuff will also get some love from them.

Thanks for the contribution man, I’d love to check that out and maybe also share some of my go to patches too. You can put it in a topic on #resources category.
Also if you have created some more advance patches or maybe task specific patch/bundle of patches, consider to put it sale on Sugar. :smiley:

Hell yeah, Boris! I’m excited to see what you’re gonna come up with. I bet you have some tricks on your sleeve to handle it way much better than mine. :raised_hands: :raised_hands: