Database coding of .arproj file

As earlier i extracted the coding of a .arproj file in the method that josh taught me… after some research i did about Instagram they are using PostgreSQL and Cassandra for their database, that is to store every information of the users and for also processing it. So when we make our filters and upload it in the Instagram eventually it’ll be stored in a database, is there a way to get access to that database code?

I haven’t seen anything official about that. Some folks have built scrapers for aggregating statistics, but I doubt FB will expose any personally-identifiable statistics to us. Of course, you could apply for a job at Facebook and get access that way.

Is there some specific piece of info you are digging for?

Actually i’m a final year Computer Science student, so in my college they asked us to do a project upon something. i chose Augmented Reality but the time period they gave was really less that i can create an application for AR which i planned earlier and i also don’t know how to create an application thought i’d learn doing this project but now due to shortage of time i thought i’d just make some filters in spark AR with face tracker, object tracker and target tracker and explain about it…so they expect front end design , backend coding (The Json file which u helped me to extract for the code, will use that) and a backend database…so as i researched about it, so far all they say is there will be no access to the database code so i’m trying to convinve with what i have. But if i get the database code it’ll be more useful. Thanks for replying Josh!

Oh this is some good context! There are a few services out there that allow you to drop assets in to a web form and it will create AR effects for you. You could make a simple version of this and use your own database to store the info. There is a CLI that comes with spark that you can use to create the project export files (from a source project), programmatically.

ohh that’s cool, i’ll look into it… Thank you Josh