Dedicated Category for Solved Questions

Like the title said, I think it would be a great feature if people can see/navigate to all solved questions.

  • Green checklist icon in front of the solved topic titles
  • Automatically add “Solved” tag to the topic
  • Automatically added to a parallel sub category for all solved questions

You can sort by “solved” status already, like this:

I do agree the solved icons should be more visually noticeable.

There are probably quite a few questions that have solutions but haven’t been marked, so this isn’t a surefire way of sorting everything that has been solved. If you do happen to find some that need marking, feel free to tag me or flag the post and we’ll take a look

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Awesome… okay. i’ll tag you when i found one. :slight_smile:

Working on this now :slight_smile:


That look way much better. it becomes clearer and functional/informative. if i could add a little bit maybe make the the green the same as this green:

Ah, I think that logo color is actually the incorrect one :slight_smile:

I haven’t figured out how to change that logo per theme, so I just inverted it in CSS.

I kinda liked it to be honest. it suits the purple nicely. a very good complementary color for the purple in the triadic color harmony as an accent in the night/dark theme. the purple still the Identity color, and that green as a sweet accent color. like the alter ego of the logo. it’s small but it pops nicely in the dark theme. where the purple works nicely in light theme. if that’s not intentional, that makes me love it even more. it makes it even better. lol