Detecting gallery texture state changes

I made a test case for detecting gallery texture size and state changes, and it is behaving differently depending on where you test it. Ideally this test case would detect the state change each time a different texture is picked, but currently it only reports the first time (except not at all in the spark player).

Fortunately the size values are updating correctly. It’s just the state value that isn’t firing correctly. I imagine it should change back to “PENDING” while the texture is being loaded into memory, just after the user picks a new texture.

IG app:
Texture state change only happens once per effect session.
Subsequent changes aren’t reported in gallery texture state

Spark player:
Texture state value actually changes but the subscription callback is never invoked

Texture state change only happens once per app session.
You need to close the project and reopen in order clear the media and trigger the event again.