Difficulty in importing 3D animation from Blender to Spark AR

Hey guys, hop y’all doing good… I’m trying to make a filter, for which i made some models and animated it, but when importing them from blender to sparkAR it doesn’t work properly. Maybe it’s because there are multiple animations and stuff. Is there a way to combine them all into one animation and bring it inside sparkAR?

Hope you guys understood what i’m trying to say, i’ll attach the rendered 3D animation with this…

This is how all the animations looks like inside SparkAR’s object panel


I think the issue might come from the fact that Spark doesn’t accept a whole bunch of types of animations. Anything too complicated, likes nurbs animations or objects following curves is too much. I’m a bit rusty in that regard so stop me if I’m completely off but have you baked the animations?

I remember having more success baking the animations in the scene, getting rid of anything that’s not an animated mesh and exporting that as an fbx

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Try the better fbx exporter for Blender. I believe it’s available on gumroad. It does a better job of combining animations into one animation in spark.


Thank you so much @Boris and @lookaheadlabs for replying… actually i found a way to bring it in, i had totally 5 3d objects in which 4 are animated, so i baked and exported them separately as fbx(with transformation) and bought them inside spark and gave each 4 of them separated animation controller and it worked perfectly :v: