Diffraction effect

Hi guys!

Does anyone know if this is possible in spark? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DVa63TTGHo
It’s called diffraction. But I can’t find any tutorials.
Maybe you guys know how to?


I’d say RGB shift would be a start, from there using some UV utilities like Josh’s Kaleidoscope (for the Spiral lens for example) maybe? Not my area of expertise though

Yeah I made something with the kaleidoscope, but It’s different. I need a sort of a star glow thing. It has to duplicate lights or something.

I sort of did this in the advanced blur demo. There’s one more step you’d need, which would be to modify the hue in the blur steps based on the distance from the source pixel.

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Thanks! I think that I only have to use the cross blur right? Is there a possibility to only receive this patch? Instead of the whole package?

You can build cross blur with two linear blurs :wink:

Hi Josh,

I managed the rgb shift blur, but I can’t figure out how to make a cross blur. I tried to copy the first one and make it the opposite direction with another texture, but that didn’t work out.
Can you tell me how to build a crossblur with one directional blur?
And how can I manage distance of the source light? So it will be a few pixels off the source?

Rad! You would need two directional blurs for the cross blur, just with the opposite direction like you said.

For the offset, you can use a texture transform’s translation. If you want to set the size in pixels, I think you do screenscale / screensize * pixels

FWIW you can probably get smoother results if you use a render pass before the blur

Im still stuck at the point when making the cross blur. How do I combine 2 directional blurs?

I usually do something like shader render pass (.2) > blur directional (1, 0) > shader render pass (1) > blur directional (0, 1)