Doubt using two animations in the same 3D object with different triggers

Hi there!
I’m new to developing interactions in spark ar, and i really got stucked into one problem.
I have one 3D object with 2 animations (2 playback controllers) that I want to happens just one time each. The first one, i want to happen when the person tap the screens and the other when the person tap de object.
But i just can’t find a way to do that, since the spark seems to accept only one animation patch. I will send here a print of the way i tried to do that and i would really appreciate if someone could help me.
Thank you very much, to anyone that read this!

Can you try explaining your approach? I think you would just need to change the condition in the if/else statement, right?

but how can i do that with two different triggers?
Thank so much for helping!

The problem is that there is only 1 animation slot for the object (inside the white line.
I need two different animation to start in different moments, one with the screen tap and the other with the object tap. So i created those two patches linked to each animation (inside the yellow lines).
To have the two animation playback linked to the object, i created the patch inside the red line. But i’ts not working and i dont know how ti connect the two triggers and two animations to the 3D object.

Because i can imagine it working if it was the same trigger, like both of them being screen tap, and i connected screen tap to the condition. But in these case, what should i put on the condition?

Something like this maybe?

“Turn On” is the “then” and “Turn Off” is the “else”

But that way, where do i put the animation playback?

Pipe it into then and else slots

Wow it’s working! Thank you very very muh!

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