Downgrading Spark AR Studio

Okey I never thought I would have to do this but Spark finally forced me to downgrade :slightly_smiling_face:.

I got the Spark AR v98 .dmg file from the downloads page, installed it, and replicated my project (cause apparently you can’t open v101 in v98 and if you force it by modifying the data it crashes). But I noticed that Spark still auto downloads and installs in the background even if I also have v101 lying around on my Applications folder…

Is there anyway to go around the auto download? I know there are some people out there on v95, and I’d like to believe that they are not going around with no wifi/ never closing Spark.

I’m on macOS (10.15.7)

Any help is appreciated :heart:

For those wondering the list of issues is way to long at this point but it’s mostly: spark not behaving as expected/ IG not behaving as expected/ scripts not working/ the compiler/ the compiler again/ etc, etc, etc (way too much debugging for today - I’m exhausted); the code runs with no issues on v98 (copy pasted the v101 script) so there’s no issue with the code. Already made a bug report

Edit: I even tried using npm to go around some issues the Spark compiler might run into when compiling. I’ve really gone through and tried all options before trying to downgrade

Edit 2: K, seems like my frustration has to do with t.text = “” causing complication errors on my script in 101 (why!!?). I can go around this by using the Patch bridge, but I’d still like to know how to downgrade

Edit 3: (this is becoming my error log) it’s not the text attribute, it’s just Spark throwing random errors, restarting the Studio removes them (!???)

I didn’t even know that auto-updates were an option until now! It took some digging, but I found where that checkbox is. For some reason, it’s not in the preferences…

You can go to file > check for updates in an older version, then the upgrade dialog will appear. You can uncheck the auto update box there.

I updated this doc about managing spark versions:


Yes they are, I’ve always been on the latest version for this reason and though it’s nice to play with new features, v101 has so many problems that I had to downgrade until I found the solution(s)