Dua Lipa filter contest entry

Hi guys!
this is my entry to the Dua Lipa filter contest hehe


@mitsuko we will know soon! I checked and lots of people liked your creation! I think there is a big chance this one is going to win! would be huge for @popul_ar.experience (possible to include instagram accounts @josh_beckwith? or a tag #populAR since in the future maybe people will reference us directly)

@mitsuko, you have a knack for attracting famous people and it’s a really great effect so I think your chances are high!

@sarah We could make an account for popul-ar but I think people will know who we are and they can tag us directly. I’ll check into tagging with hashtags. It seems like it should be working but a lot of them aren’t linking. Maybe they have to be pre-existing tags :thinking:

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for the tags in general, if I make a # I am suggesting that this could be a good pre-existing tag to add :smiley:
Do you prefer I write them down all together in a doc?

I think you should be able to add them in the post editor. Really there’s no limitation on what the tags can be so feel free to add as many as you want. We should do it organically and see how it goes, then we can merge similar tags if we need to

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