Emitter size malfunction?

Hi, I’m trying to create a world-snow effect for my filter. It’s working, but sometimes the emitter size is much larger when I open the filter, without having changed anything to the project. Now my guess is that Instagram’s camera calculates the distance between your camera and the focused object(?) and bases the size on that when the filter opens. If so, how can I shut this off? Because I want the snow to have the exact same size no matter the distance, thus making it fool-proof. I’m scared people might use it and get confused when they get large-sized snow instead of what is supposed to happen.

If not, what could I do to prevent this from happening, or work around this? Thanks for reading!

Ps, when opened the show remains the same size constantly. So when you move your camera towards a larger open space, the size remains the same. It doesn’t rescale automatically. That’s why I would like the size to remain the same always.

unfortunately I think this is a bug :x It’s not so much that it’s calculating distances as generally speaking it screws up with particle scales while using a planetracker… Never had the use case myself so not super informed on it.
I just saw v98 brings in a new “Camera Distance” patch. Maybe through using that you could somehow make it more regular?

Josh has a tutorial that maybe useful, you could get the distance to the camera and scale based on that, I’m not sure whether this will work with the planeTracker but I think it’s worth a shot.

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Thanks so much for responding, both of you. This will surely help me a lot!

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Yeah, particle systems within the plane tracker do some wacky stuff! If you can move the emitter outside of the plane tracker then that can work. The particles will still be in world space, just not tied to the position of the plane tracker.

I know some folks have seen better behavior from the plane tracker by manually starting the tracking in script. For some reason auto-start has issues with stability, and that could be affecting the particle scale.

I’m saying all of this assuming you are using a plane tracker… but if you do still have issues, then I think the best route would be to try the tutorial that @Tomas_Pietravallo linked to.

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Yes auto start is a no-go for me, to my understanding it just doesn’t give the phone enough time to get detailed data about the environment and thus it just jitters all over the place - it’s blindly guessing where to position it. I think there were bugs with the plane tracker and particle system though I’m not sure whether this might be related to that.
Another option would be to have the particles in worldspace and just update their position based on the planeTracker.
The tutorial I linked should work in theory - I used it for a project I didn’t publish recently.